Sacred animals of Ancient Egypt

The new and spectacular temporary exhibition of the Museu Egipci of Barcelona is dedicated to the close bond that united the animal world and the Ancient Pharaonic civilization.

From February to December 2017

Through the objects from the collection of Museu Egipci de Barcelona, we can discover lots of aspects of the relationship that the ancients Egyptians established with the animal universe in their immediate environment. In addition of their use as economic resources, pets or hunting preys, animals appear in many cultural manifestations of the Pharaonic Egypt. Therefore, there are a lot of hieroglyphics that depict animals; while others were reproduced in objects used by cosmetic products or in pieces of furniture; and others became characters, as human beings, of satirical compositions. However, it was in the religious sphere where animals had more notoriety than in any other ancient civilisation. For various reasons, most of the species known to Egyptians were associated to a particular divinity. Mammals, insects, birds, fishes and reptiles served as models for the design of divine images, either in the totally of their bodies or a part of them. Furthermore, they were mummified so their mortal remains served as physique support to the gods’ immortal soul. Undoubtedly, one of the newest and most attractive sections of the exposition is the presentation of the results obtained from the tomography made to six mummies of animals conserved in Museu Egipci.

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